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How To Order

1. Starting Your Ordering Experience

First select the type of DTF transfer you need, then pick a size from the selection available. Once you click onto the size Transfer you require, a product page will load and you'll see a pink button with "Upload Your Designs"

Cick this to start your order.

2. For Best Results

Before our design tool loads, you'll see a "Ordering Your Transfers" Pop-up, this gives you an overview of how to perform the most common tasks you'll need to get the best out of your ordering experience.

For first time users we do recommend reading through this to ensure you avoid the most common mistakes and get the best out of our tranfsers.

3. Starting Your Upload

You'll find "Upload Artwork" along the top of the designer. Click on this to import a graphic file to start creating your gang sheet

4. Uploading Your File

A new window will open up giving you a few options, you can upload your file straight from your mobile device / computer hard drive.
Once you make your selection navigate to the graphic file you wish to import and follow the on screen prompts.

Please note: complex vector files can take a few mintues to process due to the system loading all the data.


5. Sizing Your Design

Always check the size of the file you've uploaded. Most image files don't hold sizing data as once they're rasterised they're turned into pixels. Above your design you'll see two sizes in centimetres one is the width and the second is the height. This size is the size of the whole artboard you've uploaded so please make sure you don't have loads of blank space around your design to avoid a smaller print than required. Simply click on these figures and type in the size you require and click the tick.

6. How To Copy

Should you need more than one copy of your uploaded design you can copy this by clicking on you uploaded design making sure the graphic is selected on screen and clicking the copy icon around the top left of the transfer (example aside) you can copy only the secleted design, or if you have more than one you design can copy every uploaded design on the transfer.

see next step for how to paste.

7. Pasting Your Copy

By clicking this icon you'll paste your copy selection. Please make sure no designs are over lapped as sometimes this can be missed. 

See Step 8. for advise on how to spot this if you're using a white design.

8. Background Fill Colour

We know it can be difficult to see certain details of your uploaded design on such a large transfer artboard especially if your design is white or contains white details. Adding a background colour to the artboard will greatly help with this you'll find this feature along the top left above the transfer artboard

Please note: REMOVE This background colour before checking out your transfers.

9. Checking Out

Once you're happy with your transfer layout, Click the "Buy" button top right.

A cart overview will load displaying a little preview of your transfer with a few options, you can edit this design, remove it or duplicate it.

Duplicating your transfer can be helpful if you've uploaded vector files and need different colour versions of your design. You can duplicate and edit this transfer.

10. Check Out Options
Continued on from step 9. 

If you need to add addional transfers to your order on the cart overview you'll see "Start New Design" in the bottom left corner, clicking this will load a new artboard.

Once you're happy with your cart, click "Check Out" to complete your purchase.

Should you need any help during any of the processes or simply have a question please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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